Saturday, 7 January 2012

A good marketing idea I saw over Christmas

With Christmas having only just left us, I have chosen to share a good idea that I’ve seen employed by a couple of brands over the festive period.

Arguably the run up to Christmas is the most exciting aspect of the season, indeed this is when businesses can cash in on people’s good will and giving.

With the exception of those oversize kids (me included) who still spend the month of December opening the door on their advent calendar, a lot of the build-up hype is lost on those over the age of 10. Weighed down by a lack of time and pressure to impress friends and relatives many see Christmas as a wallet squeezing event.

But I have seen a couple of brands incorporate an advent idea into their marketing campaigns that allow bah-humbugging elders to be included and engaged in the Christmas count down. Their festive frolics rewarded customers with something that was relevant to their needs:

Online print company Moo, who produce an array of personalised collateral including business cards, stickers and postcards, produced their own online advent calendar. Customers were invited, via the Moo blog, to click on the virtual door of the day to reveal some date-restricted content.

The doors uncovered a variety of things including a talk from Richard Moross, Moo founder on ‘Why day dreaming is important in choosing a career’ , links to blogs sharing good festive ideas, such as directions on making edible ornaments, and exclusive Moo offers, valid only for 24 hours.

Glasgow based, family run record label Lucky Me also ran a similar campaign in which a track a day was given away in the run up to Christmas. This idea lead Luck Me to become a feature in Creative Review and in turn the word was spread via print and digital.

Not only do these ideas embrace the Christmas spirit and show a fun- loving and personable side of the company, it gives the company the perfect opportunity to show its customers their valued and entices consumers to make return visits.

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