Friday, 2 December 2011

The people I'd recruit to help to save the world if the end were nigh

With 2012 looming one month away, maybe now is the time to consider what would happen if the new-year were to strike an end to society as we know it.

So, if the end of the world were nigh I'd recruit the following four people to help establish a new world order:

Recruit 1: Gok Wan (The Motivator)
This man is able to motivate body conscious women into stripping down and flouncing down a catwalk in front of hundreds of strangers - and feel great about it! Gok’s motivational abilities would be invaluable when developing a new world order.

He is also known for adapting his outfits and is able to see potential in otherwise useless material, using it to  the best of its ability. This transferable skill would be advantageous if faced with limited resources post ending-event.

Recruit 2: Seth Goddin (The Marketer)
As the master of marketing, Seth Goddin would be able to promote strong relationships between members of the community, and in particular between citizens and leaders. He knows how to keep customers happy and so may be key in preventing future revolt.

Recruit 3: Professor Robert Winston (The Scientist)
Robert Winston’s scientific speciality would allow him to objectively investigate behavioural traits and offer empirical recommendations in running the world order. The insight gained from understanding people cannot be over stated.

He is also medically trained.

Recruit 4: Sir Alan sugar (The Innovator)
As a straight talking entrepreneurial innovator, Alan Sugar may have a lot to offer the world order.  He has solid financial understanding and has shown he is able to source out and invest in promising ideas and promising people.

I believe the attributes of this team would allow the dynamics of an evolving neo-community to be truly understood, and so facilitate sustainable development. The hardworking ethos of these individuals would promote a positive and collaborative environment.

Alas, we can all rest assured knowing that, if faced with New Year destruction, everything will work out fine. This leaves only the last minute Christmas shopping and food feast calorie-count to get our blood pressure rising over the festive period. 

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