Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The evolution of interactive media?

Innovative technological advances will allow people to engage with media in real time across a number of different platforms. As a result this type of communication will become an increasingly integrated part of our lives, and we ourselves will become a more integrated community. Instead of being required to ‘log onto’ and ‘sign into’ current communicational channels (social media sites, for example) as a separate activity, this resource will be readily presented and available at our finger tips.

Interactive TV
What will this highly discussed product offer?

I believe this product will focus on providing a personalised service. I suggest the screen, offering a flexible viewing window, would be divided between TV channel content and an interactive box linked to the outside world via an internet connection.

Through this box;
·         Consumers would be able to link with ‘friends’ and discuss the content being viewed
·         Suggestions would be made for programmes that may be of interest to the consumer based either on their viewing behaviour or ‘friends’ choices. It would also be able to archive programmes the viewer indicated they wanted to watch.

·         Interest relevant news would be offered

·         Content relevant advertising would be supported. This could be in relation to 1) the consumer’s interests or 2) the content being viewed;

1)      If the customer watches the fishing channel they may be interested in a fishing holiday, if they watch the grand prix they may also enjoy the super bikes. Secondary advertisement for hotels and restaurants in the local area could be offered once interest had been shown in the initial advert…

2)      Coinciding with the current TV content, additional information could supplement products being exposed through the TV channel. This would be an exciting development for marketers running TV ads or using product placement.  

Interactive outdoor advertising

You may recall lynx experiential campaign where consumers could interact with a virtual angel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFuUFeQIdpk

I see this being implemented on a much larger scale with people becoming features in the adverts to which they are exposed. This would be particularly effective with bill board advertising; imagine seeing yourself model those M&S clothes as you walk on by.

This would also be an exciting platform for game related advertising.

Consumer opinion is a powerful brand asset, especially when it can be shared on a large scale. I believe that, in this communication focused society, real time feedback will become a common feature of outdoor campaigns. People will be encouraged to interact with medium that allows them to share their comments, stories, and aspirations with other people in a public way. Of course this may put more pressure on brands to perform but once they’ve got it right their reputation will be rewarded with consumer trust.  

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