Tuesday, 8 March 2011

"..A dollar is What I Need"

I am a graduate on the brink of unlocking my future and swinging open that door marked 'career'.

My aim is to be a job lover, achieved through full filling an exciting and engaging role that transforms me into one of those beings who enjoys work and praises those blessed Monday mornings...Unlike so many of my friends who have given up their souls and entered uninspiring jobs that are compensated with chunky pay packets.

This has put me in a reflective mood, and being one of those 'paper round kids' (I actually never had a paper job, my first job was as a morning waitress) who broke into the working world mid teen, I've been thinking about which of the positions I've held have been my worse and best experiences to date.

In my time I've full filled a multitude of positions within the casual employment arena; Ive worked as a waitress at a B&B, I've been a customer service assistant within a supermarket chain and gadget shop, and I've taken up position behind a bar, pulling pints and popping tops off bottles of VK for the Nottingham student population. Ive also done my share of holiday temping work upon return home visits from University, and much to the envy of 14 year olds' I've worked at a theme park.

I enjoy working, and even the most tedious of jobs (possibly with the exception of a 5 hour data entry shift) has its silver lining. Alongside learning those all important transferable skills my working experience has equipped me with some great memories and even better friends! So, which will be awarded the status of best and worse job? The decision is hard!

I enjoyed working in the fun, fast paced environment of a student nightclub, and I did take this role into consideration when thinking about the best job I've had. I am conscious that I may have just given the perception of myself as one of me being a massive party animal. Although, there is a naturally sociable element to this job, I can assure you that it is nothing like going out! Colleagues of mine who would have rather been on the other side of the bar sometimes tried to delude us into thinking it was...but it wasn't. I decided not to award this job with the best title in the end as its highs were matched by its lows. Alcohol fulled customers can sometimes make rude ones, and serving intoxicating liquor is the last thing you want to do when faced with an abundance of reading and fast approaching deadlines (especailly relevant around dissertation time), or when you've missed your best mates birthday for the second year in a row. 

Working on the rotisserie department during my stint in the supermarket made this period of employment a contender for worse title. Ever Friday evening I could be found draining chicken fat out of, and scrubbing clean an industrial sized oven. At the end of my shift I was convinced the complexion of my skin had deteriorated and I'd go home smelling like a stale deli. However, I was to learn that the displeasure felt now would wash away into mere insignificance compared to my future ventures.

So with further contemplation, I have crowned an ultimate winner! drum roll please...

The job I held at the theme park was the most unusual employment I’ve had, and therefore think its fitting that both my worst and best experiences, to present, were attained here.

This one cold, wet October morning I had been allocated the dodgems. Although you may not appreciate it unless you’ve worked on a fair ground, there is a significant difference between dodgems and bumping cars. As three cars had been written off the week before staff were on a ‘smash up’ crack down which translated into "One way round the track; No heavy bumping and No head on collision."
On the day in question, difficult customers just rolled on it; People tried to sneak their below height restriction children on the ride, attempted to get in the cars when they were moving, and refused to listen to instruction. But of course when their elder child was unable to control the car or you prohibited people from the ride after 3 or 4 warnings they persisted in arguing with you. The negativity surrounding the day was only to be exacerbated by my puddle sodden, saturated feet. 12 hours later, upon returning to the shell of a caravan in which we were accommodated, a waterlogged wick refused to light meaning no boiler and no hot water. Great.

The day I was nominated to flyer with a colleague I didn’t normally get the opportunity to engage with was the best day. We handed out promotional material to holiday crowds and relevant establishments in neighbouring towns. For lunch we ate at a renowned Fish and Chip shop, a treat compared to the usual 20 minute rush I was accustomed to. At the end of the day I clocked off early and even squeezed in a few cheeky rides before the park closed.

So there you have it. Now, what will the peak and troughs of my future hold for me? I can't be certain, but I look forward to taking on new challenges and overcoming obstacles of a different kind as I start to lay down the foundation blocks of my career.

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